£5 000, £10 000 and £25 000 Corporate Packages Available

The Trust needs support to carry on excavating this historic site. Why not purchase one of our £5000, £10000 or £25000 corporate packages?

Be associated with one of the most exciting archaeological sites in the whole of Northern Europe.

Bouldner Cliff is a unique site in the archaeological world, and we believe that this area was inhabited long before the Isle of Wight became an island.

There is evidence to suggest that this was a thriving community that included toolmakers, boat makers, fisherman and coastal traders. Were these the trades and characteristics that eventually came to govern most of the known world.

There is so much to discover and the discoveries have the potential to be hugely newsworthy but the project needs support!

Without financial support this site could be lost forever, and with it an amazing insight into the world of our ancestors.

Be a part of this project by becoming a sponsor. Call the MAT to find out more about sponsorship, and forever be a part of the story of ancient Britons and the history of the Isle of Wight.


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