In 1999, whilst out diving, MAT discovered what we know as Bouldnor Cliff by the Isle of Wight. This used to be a highly populated area of land. Ever since the discovery there have been ongoing excavations and investigations to uncover the complex life of the people living on this piece of land during the mesolithic era, about 8000 years ago.

Bouldnor Cliff Excavation

Bouldnor Cliff is a unique place. Nowhere else can we find a mesolithic settlement like this. Therefore, it is priceless when it comes to teaching us about how people dealt with the changing world and the various technologies they had. Among other things, Bouldnor is teaching us a lot about wood working, for example how they built various huts, tools and canoes.

The results of these findings have revealed that humans at the time were way more technologically sophisticated compared to what we originally thought. The evidence indicates that these people were about 2,000 years ahead of their time, which effectively changes history as we currently know it.

These findings, clearly very important for the understanding of English history, are slowly getting lost at sea. We are doing everything we can to bring up as much as possible, but sadly our funds are limited.

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