In light of National Volunteer Week 2017, the Maritime Archaeology Trust would like to highlight some of the important work contributed by our volunteers. We sent out a questionnaire for our volunteers to fill in and give us their view on what it is like to volunteer for the Maritime Archaeology Trust. This is what Mr Peter Crick thought.

What do you do as a volunteer for the Maritime Archaeology Trust?

Mainly I have transferred data of ships and  artefacts  from survey sheets into the main Database.  I have also been to The National Archives and researched ships and events which have then also been transferred into the database

How did you get involved?

I responded to an advert MAT had placed in our Community Magazine  – in Hamble-le-Rice

Anything you have learnt from working with the Trust?

A lot about the Naval War during WW1

Have you enjoyed anything in particular?

The learning has been fascinating- a whole new arena of knowledge and human activity…. And a confirmation of my perception that all war is a terrible futile activity.   It has also been a pleasure to encounter the Project staff – who without exception have been an absolute delight to be with.

To learn more about what kind of work our volunteers do for the Trust, see the following blog post:

Have you got a spare hour or day in the week and looking for something to do? Fancy learning new skills in archaeology? Want to learn more about our maritime heritage? Well why not drop us an email on today and find out more?